We train believers to:

Pray With God..Know Who they are.. What they have.. and what they can Do!

 Who are you?  In Christ you are a new creature, a spirit being, a son of God, a priest, part of a royal family.

What do you have? A heavenly Father who gives access to the throne room , a relationship with Him, a plan and a destiny for your life.

What can you do? You can: Pray With God in the Holy Spirit, commune with God, heal the sick, prophesy, interpret the will of God, cast out demons, change circumstances through prayer, be led by the Holy Spirit and more!

Praying With God Video School

16 short videos and two work books showing you how to pray practically and powerfully WITH God. You will learn about…… go to website

Final Cover Ebook Praying with God

INTRODUCING “How to Pray With God”, an E Book complete with a “pray along with” audio Track, to train you in praying in the Spirit. You will learn the prayer rhythms of the Holy Spirit. This will make your prayers powerful & effective. Click for more

Video Interview about praying with God material

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