The Bridge Project

P1012197Recent press coverage has highlighted the plight of many people in Zimbabwe who are starving and without access to food supplies. This has distressed  a group of us who were born in Zimbabwe but no longer live there.  We have put together a simple plan to help feed and support a targeted number of families in Matabeleland and Mashonaland, that we have personally made contact with and are in constant communication with. Personal contact with our targeted families is a key feature of our plan, and enables us to channel all funds raised directly to those who we relate to. Through this personal contact we are also able to keep up with the almost daily changes in exchange rates and changing government policies.

Our aim is to raise funds that can be sent to them for food and basic living expenses. We have ways of directing money to our friends in Zimbabwe as well as contacts in surrounding countries. We hope to relieve suffering  and distress through facilitating the distribution of food, clothes, shelter, school fees, transport or medical aid.

Some of  those we have supported

  • Thembe, Lindiwe, Fortunate, Goodnews, Blessing and Princess ( names changed) live in Harare. Last year their father had to leave Zimbabwe in a hurry because he had spoken out against the government. Their mother died last year. Thembe, the oldest, is 19 but cannot find employment. They have a little support from their auntie who sells vegetables on the main street. They have no other links or family to support them and without help from outside Zimbabwe, they would literally be starving.
  • Phifiso and Tendayi lived with their parents in Bulawayo, enjoying a reasonable life until recently, when both their mother and father died of AIDS. Their only surviving relatives live in a rural community, are uneducated and survive through subsistence farming. They have taken in the children, but Phifiso and Tendayi now have no school to go to and very, very little food
  • Flora and Sipho live in Harare and run a church. They have 9 adopted children who they are struggling to feed .The shops are empty and they have little income.  They  survive mainly on parcels and gifts from countries outside of Zimbabwe..
  • Thembisa Hope Farm is an orphanage in KwaZulu South Africa, that provides a shelter, food, school fees and first aid to AIDS orphans and grandmothers. About 90 grandmothers support nearly 500 children.
  • Pastor Jacob has recently started a church near Bulawayo and offers support and hope to a growing congregation. There are many needy people that he is in contact with every day.

These families are amongst those who we are supporting monthly. Please join us in  keeping them alive!

How You Can Help

We hope you can join us in making a huge difference to the lives of our friends in Zimbabwe. It is quite possible that your gift will literally save a life!