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Date(s) - 13/01/2016 - 17/01/2016
00:00 - 22:00

Lagos, Algarve

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In the last year, we have shifted more deeply into strategic times of global destiny. For those of us who are ‘watching’, it has been thrilling to see prophetic events unfolding before our eyes. Some of us have been mobilised to intercede more fervently for our nations, for the Middle East, for Israel, for the Church, for the Kingdom, for our families and friends, for the way to be prepared for what God is doing and for the coming of Yeshua.

Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion Ministries, has prophetically identified three years of ‘openness’ in Europe, and we want to continue to align ourselves with His purposes, through intercession, preaching the Gospel and doing the works of Jesus.

To this end, we will be meeting again in Lagos, Portugal, to intercede for the nations as the Holy Spirit leads us.


  • To intercede for the nations as led by Holy Spirit
  • To work with Holy Spirit in ‘changing atmospheres’, for the extension of His Kingdom
  • To encourage, edify and strengthen each other through fellowship, prayer and prophecy



  • Through fervent prayer in the spirit
  • By taking up our watchman posts and ‘looking to see’ what the Lord is doing and saying
  • By decreeing and declaring what we ‘see’.

Proposed Programme

Three intercessory sessions a day. Prayer times may begin with guidelines or a teaching focus and although there are many different kinds of prayer, we will be using the Pray With God prayer model for many of the sessions.

On Sunday morning we will join a local church, Oases Fellowship, for their service.



 Lagos is an ancient maritime town that was once the historic centre of the Portuguese Age of Discovery. A short drive away from Lagos is the town of Sagres, where Henry the Navigator built his Navigational Centre and developed his vision for globalisation. Henry’s world vision pushed back the frontiers of the known world, and opened up an age of new discoveries. One of the results of this was the spread of Christianity to foreign shores.

Sagres is situated on the mystical cliffs of Cape St Vincent, which is the most south- western tip of Europe. It was here that Pete Grieg of 24/7 prayer had a vision as he stood one night with his back to the ocean, and looked towards the countries of Europe. ‘Visualising nation after nation I raised my hands and began to pray out loud for each (nation) by name. And that was when it happened. First, my scalp began to tingle and an electric current pulsed down my spine, again and again physically shaking my body….I could hear a buzzing, clicking  sound overhead as if an electric pylon was short circuiting…and as these strange sensations continued, I received a vision….  I could ‘see’ with absolute clarity before me the different countries laid out like an atlas and from each one a faceless army of young people was rising out of the page…’ He saw the prayer army.

There is something about praying here that always seems pivotal in God’s purposes, not only for  Portugal but for all the nations of Europe. It’s a special place!


We will be hiring a villa for a week. There is a dynamic that develops when we get together and stay together and we have always found relationships deepening, destinies developing and opportunities created for the Holy Spirit to move.

Accommodation cost: Approximately £50 per person for the week

Food: Approximately £60 per person excluding a couple of meals out


Monarch and Ryanair are the cheapest but you may have to shop around for the best prices and consider different airports. We may be able to collect you at Faro airport and if you fly Ryanair, there is a reasonable transfer option from Faro to Lagos.

Car Hire          

It’s very cheap to hire a car for a week. For example, a week’s rental of a Chevrolet Spark is only £25.00! This is with Enjoy Car hire.

Please pray about coming. It will be a significant time and a fruitful way to begin the year. Pease let us know as soon as possible if you are thinking of coming so we can finalise the venue.


Pastors John and Heather Alcock

01676 533370 or 07827998829