The Alcock’s House

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1 Balsall St
Balsall Common
West Midlands
United Kingdom

‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may those who love you be secure (and prosper).’ Psalm 122:6

 Sunday 2 October 2011: 2pm –5pm followed by fellowship meal and Lord’s Supper

 ‘You cannot fully understand the Bible unless you know something about Israel. And if you are confused about Israel, you are confused about the Bible!’ Derek Prince

 We would like to invite you to join us in an afternoon of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. We will join with millions of others all over the world in this prayer day.

 Venue: the Alcock’s house

1 Balsall St, Balsall Common, CV77AR

Tel 01676 533370

E mail

It would be helpful to us if you could RSVP

 Proposed schedule (STC) 

  • Assemble with shofar
  • Brief talk: Discerning the times and Israel: the prophetic clock
  • Prayer pointers
  • Prayer
  • Fellowship meal




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