We train and activate believers in the body of Christ to live supernaturally and to function fully in their calling through teaching biblical foundations, practical schools and intercessory prayer.

The ministry was founded in 2008 by John and Heather Alcock to demonstrate and teach believers how to live and walk in God’s supernatural power and to develop their spiritual senses.

The time for a few full time or specially called people to do the work while the rest watch and cheer is over!

Praying with God Video School

16 short videos and two work books showing you how to pray practically and powerfully WITH God. You will learn about…… click here to go to course

Prophetic School

This is a practical school with notes, worksheets and exercises. It covers foundational Bible principles of prophecy, differences between Old and Testament prophecy and guidelines to delivering and receiving prophecy. Click here for course info and downloads

Final Cover Ebook Praying with God

How to Pray With God E -book

‘How to Pray With God’, an E Book complete with a “pray along with” audio Track, to train you in praying in the Spirit. You will learn the prayer rhythms of the Holy Spirit. This will make your prayers powerful & effective. Click here to go to download

Video Interview about praying with God material

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