Healing & Deliverance

Is there sickness in Heaven? What is God’s will for healing? Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and He still heals today. His love and power to heal are available to us today. This school teaches how to pray for the sick and to cast out demons.

In our 25 years of ministry we have been excited and amazed over and over and over again to see God heal the sick and deliver people from demons.

In my own life I (Heather) have experienced  healing in several circumstances. The following are just 3 of these instances:

  • In my early 30’s I was diagnosed with 1st stage cervical cancer.  After prayer from the elders in my local church, I was completely healed!
  • As a child, I had a bad fall and damaged my coccyx.  It  would often cause the lower part of my back to seize up and in  layman’s terms there was  a kind of  disintegration of the lower vertebrae.   In a church meeting, there was a word of knowledge about a damaged back and although I thought it applied to me and accepted the word, I did not feel anything happening in my body.  Nevertheless when I got up and went home, my back was pain free.  I have never had the same back trouble again!
  • For the last 5 or 6 years I had begun to suffer with a heel spur. Whenever I got up in the morning and put my foot down to walk, it would be fiercely painful. This pain would recede a little and then by the end of  the day it would again begin to hurt.  A few months ago I was watching a programme on God TV ( I can’t even remember what it was about or who was speaking) and I felt a warmth in my heel for about 10 minutes.  I waited for the heat to stop and then jumped up to test what had happened!  No more pain!  More wonderful healing!

I know from personal experience that God heals today.

John has prayed for hundreds of people over the years and we have seen many, many people healed.  Some of the most dramatic healings have been when John has rebuked a spirit of death and there has been an instant recovery in the person.  When we still lived in South Africa, John went to dump some rubbish at the Westville tip and found a man tossed on the rubbish heap, dying of a stab wound.  John rebuked a spirit of death, prayed for healing and he recovered!  Others watching committed their lives to Jesus.  On another occasion, here in the UK, one of the members of our church was admitted to hospital with kidney failure. We were away at a leaders conference and received a phone call from his wife. We rushed back to our home town and straight to the hospital.  The man was a deathly grey colour, hardly able to breathe and in a severe state.  John rebuked a spirit of death and prayed for healing and in front of our eyes the man’s colour began to change, his breathing became less labored and by the next day he was fully recovered!  Jesus healed him!

We have also seen many, many people set free from demons. Simple and straightforward commands force them out! The demons leave!  People are freed because Jesus loves them and has given us the power and authority to get them out.

Healing and Deliverance workshops teach you what the Bible says on these subjects and then equip you to pray for people and cast out demons.  Many see instant results as they begin to pray for their loved ones as well as those in their spheres of influence.

If you would like a MobiliseNow team to do one of these workshops in your church or venue, please contact us.