Prophetic School

This is a Prophetic school which lays a strong biblical foundation for prophecy and the gifts of the Spirit and then activates participants in various aspects of  prophecy.

In addition to laying a biblical foundation, sessions include practical workshops which activate and develop you in the prophetic. Click on the topics below for notes, worksheets and exercises.

Download  Work Book: Mobilised to Prophesy

Download The Lesson Worksheets and Exercises Below (video links at the bottom)

1. Introduction : Locate your level , what are some of your goals?

2. Prophets and Prophecy in the Old Testament a)  Role of the Prophet in the Old Testament(b) Difference between Old Testament and New Testament Prophets and Prophecy (c) Prophesying with an Old Testament Mind set

3. New Covenant Prophets and a Prophetic People: a) Why the Church Needs Prophets ( b) A Prophetic People in the New Covenant

4. The New Testament Gift of Prophecy: a) What is prophecy? (b) Purpose? (c) Who can prophecy? (d) How is  it activated? (e) The Right Attitude (f) The Right Spirit

5. Guidelines and Good Practice: a) Delivering prophecy (b) Receiving, handling and ‘weighing’ prophecy

6. Operation of the Gift of Prophecy: a) Stirring up the gift (b) How revelation comes (c) Principles of interpretation and application (d) Working with symbols and pictures (e) The ‘seer’ and the ‘naby.

Links to Videos

  1. Video Prophecy School 18/01/2021
  2. Video Prophecy School 25/01/2021  Working with Biblical symbols
  3. Activating word of knowledge  1/02/2021.
  4. Discerning of Spirits  8/02/2021   Download Pdf Notes

If you are interested in having  a MobiliseNow  team teach a school at your church or event, please contact us.