Prayer & Intercession

The church needs to engage in the ministry of Jesus.  Right now He ever lives to intercede and pray for the saints.  The Pray With God course will equip and train believers to flow in the intercession ministry of Jesus with the Holy Spirit.  There are different kinds of prayer in the Holy Spirit.  Paul says in Ephesians Chapter 6 v18 that we should pray in the Spirit with all manner of prayer.  The church needs to learn to release these different “rivers” of prayer both individually and corporately.

Praying With God Video School (click here to go to prayer video school)

In this school there are 16 short videos with work sheets which teach how to pray practically and powerfully with  God the Holy Spirit.  You will learn about:

  • how understanding your new covenant status will change the way you pray
  • why we need to pray if God already knows what is needed
  • how to move into position to pray WITH God
  • how to recognize what prayer the Holy Spirit has chosen for you to pray
  • different kinds of prayers
  • how to know when your prayer has been accepted and answered
  • some principles of praying together in a group
  • how to interpret what the Holy Spirit is doing or saying
  • how to change the spiritual atmosphere in your home, community , city or nation.

If you are interested in having MobiliseNow do a prayer school at your church or event, please contact us.