How to Pray with God E-Book and MP3’s

This resource is for everyone. It includes guidelines for group prayer.

Here are Bible based Teachings that show the keys to answered prayers.

Learn how to have an effective prayer life individually and corporately.

Release the power of God into any situation through your prayer!

Final Cover Ebook Praying with God

INTRODUCING “How to Pray With God”, an E Book complete with a “pray along with” audio Track, to train you in praying in the Spirit. You will learn the prayer rhythms of the Holy Spirit. This will make your prayers powerful & effective

About myself:  I was in South Africa in the mid 80’s. This was a time of great stress and anxiety, especially through the late 80’s and into the early 90’s, when Nelson Mandela was finally released from jail. The nation faced the threat of major inter racial violence and bloodshed, amidst political turmoil. We tried to pray for our nation and communities as best we knew how.

This was a time for prayer that went up way beyond what we could do! Eph 3 verse 20 tells us God can do beyond what we ask think or even imagine according to His mighty power at work in us. We needed to pray on this level!

I have continued in my study and activity in Holy Spirit inspired prayer right up till today.

I was recently in Wales teaching on “How to pray with God” when a man came up to me who was very angry. He shouted! “I have been a Christian for over twenty years. Why have we never been taught this stuff?”

You will gain understanding about prayer from this e-book. You can use the prayer exercise track that comes with the book to learn how to pray with the Holy Spirit by actually doing it.

In this E Book, we will cover:

  1. What your status is in Christ Jesus.
  2. Why do we need to pray if God already knows what is needed?
  3. How to move into position to pray in the Holy Spirit.
  4. Where your prayer power comes from.
  5. How to recognise what prayer the Holy Spirit has chosen for you to pray.
  6. How to know when your prayer has been accepted and answered.
  7. What to do if anxiety grips you again after you have finished praying.
  8. How to change the spiritual atmosphere in your home, community and city.