MobiliseNow is a ministry that aims to train and activate believers in the body of Christ to live a supernatural life .

The ministry was founded in 2008 by John and Heather Alcock to practically demonstrate and teach believers how to live and walk in God’s supernatural power.  We train members of the Body of Christ to activate, develop and grow in their  spiritual senses and to become actively involved in releasing the supernatural rivers of God from their innermost beings wherever they are.  Our dream is to flood our cities and nations with the Glory of God that will result from these supernatural rivers flowing out of multitudes of believers in Christ.

The time for a few full time or specially called people to do the work while the rest watch and cheer is over!


1. to assemble or marshal (armed forces or civilian persons) into readiness for active service

2 to marshal, bring together, prepare (power, force, wealth, etc.) for action, esp. of a vigorous nature: to mobilize one’s energy.

3.  to cause to move or shift into a new position or place

4. to increase or bring to a full stage of development

5. to be or become assembled, organized, etc., as for war: to mobilize for action