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A Call to the Body of Christ to Pray in the Spirit.

A Call to the Body of Christ to Pray in the Spirit.

I was praying on Wednesday morning the 3rd of June 2015 with a concern for the body of Christ in my heart. We see many churches shrivelling up, corruption in governments, lack of penetration of the gospel, apathy in the saints, persecution increasing and good being called evil and evil being called good. Christians are being prejudiced against and many are even being killed. I sensed the call of God for the body of Christ to release Kingdom atmosphere to stop this.

It is time for the saints to rise up to release the atmosphere of Heaven!

The Amazon river is the biggest river in the world in terms of volume of water that flows out of it in the rainy season. Thousands of rivers flow into it to form this body of water. In flood it pushes fresh water hundreds of miles out to sea. Anything resisting its flow gets pushed aside. This shows what happens when rivers flow together.

In John 7:38-39 Jesus says Rivers of living water will flow from the innermost beings of those who believe. He was speaking of the Spirit. Praying in the Spirit releases rivers of prayer. Imagine if 10,000 saints in each nation they live in, let these rivers flow together from them into a Holy Spirit flood. This is very easy to do. Each one just has to just decide to do it. This Holy Spirit flood would begin to push darkness out of every nation where the saints do this.

I have been in prayer meetings all over the world and seen few very fervent effective prayer meetings where all the saints in the gatherings, are praying simultaneously, with all their strength in the Spirit, at a level that is required to change the atmosphere in their nation by causing a Holy Spirit flood.

In 1 Timothy 2:1 Paul urges petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be offered for all men. Why is this? Because it changes the atmosphere when these prayers are offered. Good atmosphere causes men to be saved (verse 4). Good atmosphere leads to heavenly seed flourishing and producing. The rivers of Spirit inspired prayer push aside bad atmosphere and replace it with the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God.

I believe God spoke to me and said, “Vision 10,000!”

Vision 10,000 is to get 10,000 people in each country to pray in the Spirit fervently and effectively.

I can help with tools to equip people to pray in the Spirit and in my book show you how to successfully run corporate prayer meetings, but I cannot do it for you. Each one of you has to decide to do this for yourself.

If you think the Kingdom of God has any value to your nation, towns and cities, then get involved in prayer and increase the influence of the Spirit where you live by releasing Kingdom atmosphere from your innermost being. Your life will be changed if you do this.

Pray in the Spirit!

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