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Overcoming Unbelief

Recently at a healing activation workshop in Evesham we looked at how hardness of heart and unbelief stop us moving in the power of God and doing miracles. Paul tells us in 2Cor4v18 to look not to what is seen but to what is unseen. This is looking into the eternal realm. This realm is of higher authority than the natural realm. It supercedes the natural realm.

We connect to the natural realm through our senses and feelings. Things that anchor us to the natural realm are our educations (both religious and secular), our traditions, our habits, our experiences, our failures or successes, our natural wisdom, the media, the culture around us, our families, our friends and the environments we live in to name a few. Yet Paul says look not to the natural or Seen things but look to the Eternal things for they are unchanging, unlike seen things.

We did an interesting excercise which I would recommend you dear reader do.  I drew a horizontal line in the middle of a whiteboard. Above the line we labelled the eternal or higher realm, underneath we labelled the seen or natural realm. We then listed all the benefits we have In Christ in the heavenly realm as per Eph 1v3 above the line,  and what we have in the natural realm underneath that line. It soon became obvious where we need to focus and draw our comfort and strength and vision from.  The Kingdom of God manifests around us when we live from the higher eternal realm, the place of being seated in Christ in the heavenly (eternal) realm, and allow that to manifest through our lives into the natural realm. We must live not moved by what we see or hear or feel in the natural realm, but by what we see and hear and are moved by in the eternal realm.

How do we stay in this place of being seated in Christ in the heavenly realm in the midst of all the day to day pressures and demands that are being made on us? 

 I think Psa 103 is an amazing example of how to do this. Praise the Lord and meditate on all His goodness and kindness to us. David meditates in the Word and stirs and remembers himself into a place of excitement before the Lord. He remembers all the blessings God pours out on him. Last but not least Pray in tongues plenty.

There is a teaching on avoiding hardness of heart and unbelief in our “Media” section under MP3 teachings.

I have had a lot of feedback from people as to how this teaching  has helped them.

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