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Why do we dream?

Num 12v6. If there is a prophet among you I, the Lord, make myself known to him in a vision or a dream.

During sleep our reasoning is dormant while our imagination is active. God has our full attention and we cannot control what is happening. If we were awake when we dreamed, we would probably zone out the thoughts or experiences we were having as illogical or meaningless.

Dreams bypass the natural thinking of men and women, saved or unsaved.

1 Cor2V14. The non-spiritual man does not accept into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the Spirit of God, for they are meaningless to him.

This passage is written to born again people.  Consider Heb 5v11-14.  It speaks about the fact that if we feed on milk the whole time or we are lazy in spiritual things we will not grow in our spiritual faculties.  We need to be trained in the things of God.  We need to apply ourselves to the things of God.  2 Peter1v3-9 says a similar thing.

The word of God reshapes the patterns of our thinking.  Rom 12v2 “says be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and acceptable will of God.”

Lance Wallenau, an apostle in the Christian International network, uses a good illustration of how our minds work.  He says our thoughts are like marbles and our minds are like clay.  As we grow up, our thoughts, like marbles, keep dropping into our minds, the clay.  The dropping marbles wear grooves in the clay over time.  The grooves get deeper and deeper and patterns of thinking are formed.  The result is we categorise things into each of these grooves and become set in our responses and understanding in different areas.  Each time we receive a thought or an idea we will categorize it into a set pattern of thinking.  We could call this our logic.

Certainly our thinking patterns or grooves shape our lives.  They are a result of our family background, education, worldview (shaped to a large extent by the media), experience, culture, religious teaching.  From these grooves we get our perspective on life, habits, prejudices, values and so on.

Our thoughts will follow preconditioned processes through us and shape our responses and actions in life.

Why does Jesus tell us to come as little children?  Because these grooves are less established.  Children are more open to new ideas than most adults.

Now when God drops thoughts from His Spirit into our minds, unless we have exercised our senses to discern His “voice”, these thoughts follow the same paths and patterns of our own thoughts and we might reject them as unimportant or silly because they don’t fit into one of our grooves of thought.  We don’t discern the difference between soul and Spirit.

The answer is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind that, “You may prove what is the good and acceptable will of God.”

NB The voice of God in our mind sounds like our own thoughts most of the time, but it carries a ring that you learn to recognise as you grow in God and in fellowship with Him.  You must train yourself to hear “The still small voice.”  Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice” John 10v4.


So what are we to do?

Rom 12v2. We need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

We need to exercise our spiritual senses. Heb 5 11-14.

We need to learn the language of the Spirit. We are new creatures and have a new language.

Be renewed in the spirit of your mind Eph 4v23

We need to seek, ask, knock, and take our inheritance seriously.

This is why we need a foundation of the words of God so we can divide soul and Spirit.  The idea is we want to have spiritual clay in our head that can be shaped by the Word of God and the thoughts of the Spirit.  In other words become like little children in that we start all over again to shape our thoughts God’s way Rom 12v2.

In conclusion

God gives us dreams to bypass any limitations we might have in receiving revelations from Him.  Much of the time He has spoken similar messages to us in other ways which we might not have received.  Such is God’s love for us that He wants to communicate a lot with us.  As we search out the meaning of the dream or dreams we have, we draw closer into Him.  Ask the Lord to give you dreams and tell Him you will take them seriously.  Write them down and then search out their meaning with the help of the Holy Spirit.  There will be further instruction on interpretation of dreams and the language of the Spirit in new articles on this site.

If you are really desirous of help in interpretation of your dreams become a subscriber to this site and email us the dream.

If you are interested in dream interpretation check out this resource:  Interpreting Dreams & Visions

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