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MobiliseNow News Letter Nov 2013.

It’s mid November already, where did the year go? We have had a busy year this year. I have felt the need to focus on Praying with God this year as we move into the new season God has started in His church. Dr Bill Hamon, founder of Christian International has called this move “the day of the saints”. The saints doing the work of the ministry. I am looking at getting the rivers released from out of the saints to add momentum to this move. Rivers of God, from the Holy Spirit, unleashed through Praying With God.

The ministry I have really enjoyed doing this year, has been the “Praying With God” courses I have done in three local churches, with amazing results. The feedback has ranged from “lifechanging”, to, “the atmosphere has changed completely in our meetings”. I had one of the pastors tell me that he has a young man in his church that has to leave early on Sundays to play football. Shortly after we had been in his church, this young man didn’t want to leave the service early because God was moving. I love hearing stories like that.

I will be ministering in Cheltenham in the UK this coming Tuesday 19th of November and then I will be a part of a crusade in North Wales starting on Friday the 22nd through to Sunday. Hopefully details will be sent to me for me to post them on our events page.

Have a look at the new website. You will see I have written an ebook as well. I have tried to capture what I have learnt about Praying With God over the years, in a concise way. I have being meaning to write a book for about 8 years, so now it’s done.
This book is very relevant to the times we are living in today!

We have started an online shop to help finance MobiliseNow. I am travelling more and more, often to groups who are unable to fund my visits. I want to keep visiting these kind of groups. So please support the shop!

Thank you all for your support over the last years.


John Alcock.