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The Battle for Wales Nov 2013

A week ago we were in Northern Wales praying in the Holy Spirit for the nation. Here is a brief recording of one of the pivotal moments in the battle. You will sense the victory that was enforced. Last night (Thursday) I had a phone call from Pastor Nico Simon from Wales. They had just had another prayer meeting and the presence of God was so strong the people did not want to go home.

Things to look out for as you listen to the track:

1. Notice the pressure we release into the heavenlies. It is sustained and continued until the victory is enforced.
2. We pray from our bellies. The rivers flow from our innermost beings. These are not head originated prayers.
3. Notice the rise and falls of the prayer waves and the tempo changes. Elijah rose and fell in his prayer tempo in 1 Kings 18v42 onwards.
4. We do not change our focus or direction until we have finished the flow of what the Holy Spirit is doing.
5. We interpret what is happening and keep our minds attentive to the language, the intensity and the pressure of what the Holy Spirit is doing.
6. We only stop praying when we have the peace of God.
7. Notice the roar of the Lion. Is 42v13

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